The company FORMA CAPRICHOSA deals with complex, multi-disciplinary architectural designs. A wide range of design services includes the designing of residential, public and industrial buildings, interior design as well as both urban planning and landscape design.

Acquired skills and cooperation with experienced designers allow us to cover all the stages of project development necessary for the proper implementation of the construction project. We prepare analysis and study work as well as design concepts, functional and operational programs, construction projects and regulations in the form of multi-disciplinary technical documentation, along with carrying out the author's supervision. Visualizations that facilitate the customer's choice concept can be drawn at the designing stage.

The implementation of multi-disciplinary design documentation is made possible by constant cooperation with a professional team of designers and engineers.


Interior designs by FORMA CAPRICHOSA are developed according to the principle of timelessness, avoiding banality, which is the reason why they do not display excessive extravagance, although they are made based on the entire spectrum of materials available on the market, trying to give them a unique character. Just as Christian Lacroix' style 'haute couture', which dresses not only the client's body, but also his personality, so should the space we live in express our own style. The architect should strive to bring out and emphasize it. We offer interior design projects that include a full range of services with regard to their functionality, style, colours, suggested furniture, lighting and material finishes as well as interior design additions. Projects may include furniture and accessories at our online store. However, there is also a possibility of designing an individual piece of furniture or a small architectural form. The excellent quality of project implementation is possible thanks to constant cooperation with a team of trusted executors.

FORMA CAPRICHOSA is open to cooperation with artists, especially at the stage of interior designing, creating room for dialogue between art and architecture.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our projects and implementations.